Have you ever visited an optometrist in Bend, OR for comprehensive eye exams? Regrettably, many people ignore this necessary eye care process in preserving their eye health. At Cascade Eyecare, our optometrist has been providing residents of Bend, OR with reliable eye care services for many years. Annual eye exams will not only help you preserve your vision but also detect several other potential health issues. While our eye doctor recommends most of our patients schedule annual eye exams, some conditions will require more frequent attention.

Detect Other Serious Health Problems

Early eye exams ensure that most serious health conditions are detected at an early stage. If your family eye doctor detects conditions like diabetics, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or cancer, they act immediately. The condition can be treated at an early stage successfully, thereby not compromising your vision or other aspects of your health.

Diagnose and Prevent Glaucoma

Annual eye exams allow our optometrist to diagnose and address conditions like glaucoma. If left untreated, glaucoma can lead to permanent vision loss. Our family eye doctor can detect signs of glaucoma like high eye pressure.

Diagnose Myopia

Scheduling annual eye exams is the best and most appropriate way to assess any risk of myopia. Early detection enables our family doctor to treat it to avoid serious eye conditions in the future.

Help Your Child Succeed in School

It is important to note that an eye exam differs from a vision screening. During a vision screening, an eye care professional will conduct tests to make sure you see well and you can read road signs accurately. Vision screenings are often conducted in school to make sure children can see the blackboard. While these screenings are useful, they are no substitute for a comprehensive eye exam from a family eye doctor. Our eye doctor will determine exactly why your child is having trouble seeing and recommend the most effective corrective measures possible. Glasses, contacts, and other corrective measures will be recommended depending on the severity of your child’s visual impairment.

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