FSA stands for a flexible spending account. It is an account you use to pay for qualified expenses like health and save on taxes. Your employer provides the account and owns it. Only you and your employer will be able to deposit pretax money in the FSA account. There is a set limit of the total amount you can deposit in your FSA account.

FSA accounts have a flex you use it or lose it policy. It means that your benefits expire on December 31st and your employer will regain the funds that you do not use. You will renew your FSA registration benefits yearly. Therefore, you must try and maximize the use of your benefits. and they expire at the end of the year in December. Vision insurance is part of your FSA benefits. At Cascade Eyecare in Bend, OR, we accept vision insurance to cover your eye and vision care services.

What Should You Expect From Your Vision Insurance?

Visual insurance offers multiple benefits. They include:

1. A Comprehensive Visual Exam

A comprehensive eye exam is very helpful. Your optometrist in Bend will do a visual exam to determine if you need a prescription change for your eyewear. Furthermore, they will be able to determine any underlying eye diseases, muscle imbalance, vision disorders, and address them early enough. Also, these tests can help to identify underlying issues such as diabetes, brain tumors, or high blood pressure.

2. It Could Cover Your Children

Some vision insurance benefits include children’s coverage. It helps to save on payments you make for separate eye and vision care services for your children.

3. Some Plans Offer Allowance or Discounts to Glasses or Contact Lenses

It would cost more to buy glasses or contact lenses from your pocket. Some vision insurance packages offer full or partial coverage for eyewear.

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