In today’s world, face coverings or masks are one of the ways that we can keep ourselves safe from COVID-19. While they are a necessity, some doctors have warned that they can cause dry eye. The condition called mask associated dry eye or MADE has been identified by the professionals at the Center for Ocular Research & Education.

At Cascade Eyecare in Bend, OR our team cares about the health of your eyes through optometry. If you or a family member are experiencing dry eyes, come see us for an evaluation. We can help!

Dry Eyes and Masks

The condition is often the result of wearing a mask that does not fit snuggly to the face. If there are gaps, when you breathe, the air that escapes the mask can dry out the surface of your eyes. The mask can also make your eyes feel that they are burning and sometimes cause blurry vision. One way to prevent this is to purchase a mask that has a string to tighten it. This will allow you to ensure that your mask is tight across your nose.

Eye Strain and The New Work/ School Environment

The new reality of work and school can be putting additional strain on our eyes. Many children are returning to school via online services. Additionally, their parents are often working from home. Both situations can cause tired, dry, strained eyes.

Extended Screen Time

As we are spending more time with screens for school and work, realize that you and your child need to take breaks occasionally. While working on a screen you will tend to blink less. This can cause the surface of your eyes to become dry and can eventually lead to nearsightedness. To remember to take breaks using the 20-20-20 rule. Every 20 minutes take a break and look at things that are 20 feet away.

At Cascade Eyecare, In Bend, OR our team provides the highest quality optometry in the area. If you are experiencing dry eyes or are concerned about the effects of extended screen time, come see us!

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